Daw Aye Aye Win

Daw Aye Aye Win
Course: Business Plan Development, Project Management
Affiliation: Freelance Lecturer
Field: Business Management; Human Resources Management; Organizational Behavior;
Project Management; and Operations  Management
Qualification: M.A (International Business Studies, Sophia Uni. Japan);
M.Com (Yangon University of Economics)

Ms. Aye Aye Win is currently holding the position of National Lecturer in Myanmar Japan Center. She is also a part time Senior Lecturer of Strategy First Institute for ICM UK Diploma and a senior lecturer of YCTC Business Institute for MBA program. She has about 20 years’ experience in teaching of business management subjects such as Human Resource Management, Organizational Behavior, Operations Management, Project Management and Strategic Management.

As a corporate trainer, she is delivering Personal Skills Development, Strategic Management and Operations Management to some outstanding companies and private banks in Myanmar. On the other hand, she also works as an individual consultant and a team member of Smart Consultancy Group, which is a Monitoring, Evaluation and Research consultancy group for some International NGOs in Myanmar.