Over the years, Many people who are interested in business have been choosing MJC.
Here is the reasons why MJC are poplular in not only Yangon but also Mandalay.


Percentage of participants who answered that the training contents were useful for their business.

To date, MJC has offered more than 400 courses, with more than 8,000 participants. 96% of the participants answered that the training contents were useful according to the results of the questionnaire conducted at each training.


Training by Japanese experts with international work experience.

The MJC is operated by JICA, the Japan International Cooperation Agency, together with the Myanmar government, so the trainers include Japanese experts with global experiences active in overseas. You can receive training that is directly related to business practices, such as cutting-edge know-how and trends in business management, and many case studies.


Training program that can be selected from 12h, 24h, 84h according to your needs.

MJC offers courses for management. Management is busy every day, and it is not easy to secure time and receive long-term training. MJC offers three types of intense training programs: 12 hours, 24 hours and 84 hours. This ensures that the program focuses on the essence so that busy business people can receive training flexibly.


Business matching

MJC provides business matching that contributes to creating business opportunities for Myanmar companies. It has organized a number of business conferences with Japanese companies in various major cities in Japan such as Tokyo, Osaka, Nagoya, Hokkaido and Nobeoka. In addition, it conducts business matching services with companies from ASEAN countries such as Thailand and Vietnam.


Study trip to Japan

MJC also holds study-trips to Japan regularly. The program is carefully designed so that the participants will learn Japanese management practices, business trends, and latest technology efficiently. The program includes lectures at business schools, company visits, business matching, and final presentation.


Alumni Networking

With over 8,000 participants, MJC has a large alumni network. Since managers and those in management positions are the main participants of the programs at MJC, MJC has a strong alumni network that is connected to industry, and offers opportunities to exchange valuable information and to meet potential business partners.


Worth more than you pay

MJC is a project managed by JICA, a Japanese ODA implementing agency, and offers services such as training programs by Japanese business professionals and business matching opportunities with Japanese companies. Importantly, MJC is the only public institution in Japan that serves as a bridge between Myanmar and Japan.